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Super Aankhu Hydropower Project (25.4MW)

Client: Gorakhsya Hydorpower Pvt. Ltd.

Type of Work: All Civil Works

Super Aankhu Khola Hydropower Project (25.4MW) is located in Dhading District of Bagmati Province of Nepal and is a run-off-river project. The licensed Project area lies within Lapa and Sertung. The proposed project area lies within coordinates of 28°10’00”N and 28°11’44”N latitudes, and 85°02’56”E and 85°04’45”E longitudes. The headworks of the Project is located just upstream of the confluence of Tatopani (Ilep) Khola. The project has been designed to generate 25.4 MW enery using water from Tatopani (Ilep) Khola.

Super Aankhu River

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